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Prue Leith opens up on love affair as Bake Off star says she had to end the union

Great British Bake Off star Prue Leith, 81, opened up about a relationship she had with a man who ticked all of her boxes. The Channel 4 star admitted she had no regrets over their union as she wouldn’t have been able to “hook up” with her now-husband John Playfair.

The Bake Off judge said she had “a lot of good times” with her former lover Ernest Hall but said she couldn’t live with him since he had bipolar disorder.

Speaking on Annie Mac’s podcast which aired yesterday, Prue revealed weeks before meeting him she had drunkenly told friends at a dinner party, her desired qualities of meeting a man in 2010.

She explained that she was looking for “someone Jewish, in his 70s, a musician and gay”.

The South African cook was previously married to author Rayne Kruger from 1974 to 2002, when he died at the age of 80.

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Addressing her hunt for romance, Prue detailed attending a dinner party as a single woman.

“I went to a dinner party and I met a bunch of people and it was quite funny as when you are a single woman a) you don’t get invited to many dinner parties and if you do there are probably two other single women there,” she commented.

“Some friend is being really nice with the friends she ought to have to dinner.”

Prue went on: “You find yourself at dinner and if you are sitting next to a man, it is probably someone else’s husband whose wife is in hospital.


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