Prospect of Corbyn and Abbott running national security makes Patel 'feel sick'

Ms Patel told The Sun on Sunday she feared Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister and Diane Abbott becoming Home Secretary. The Home Secretary is responsible for internal affairs, immigration, policing and security. Ms Patel explained: “Just the thought of those two in charge of our national security makes me feel ill.

“They have sided with and defended some of the most appalling individuals and terrorist groups.

“In any other circumstances, I am not sure Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott would even get security clearance. Their backgrounds alone would be enough to set alarm bells ringing.”

Mr Corbyn has been criticised for meeting convicted members of the IRA and for laying a wreath at the grave of a Palestinian leader linked to the Munich Olympic massacre.

He claimed the wreath was laid in memory of those killed during a 1985 bombing of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation Headquarters in Tunis.

Last week he said ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should have been arrested and put on trial following his death after he detonated a suicide vest after being the target of a US raid.

Ms Patel said: “This is a man who for decades has sided with our foes and spurned our allies.

“You only have to look at the kind of organisations he subscribes to, the company he keeps and the things he says.

“Corbyn’s comments on the death of al-Baghdadi a few days ago speak volumes.”

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A spokesman previously said Mr Corbyn “will always do whatever is necessary and effective to keep our people safe”.

In the 1980s, Ms Abbott said in an interview to a pro-republican journal that Ireland was “our struggle” and claimed “every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us.”

Asked about her views on Andrew Marr, she said: “It was 34 years ago, I had a rather splendid Afro at the time. I don’t have the same hairstyle, I don’t have the same views.

“It was 34 years on. The hairstyle is gone, some of the views are gone.”

She was later also asked about signing of a parliamentary voting in 1989 calling for an end to “conspiratorial groups”.

Ms Abbott said: “At that time, I and a lot of people felt MI5 needed reforming. It has since been reformed and of course I would not call for its abolition now.

“That MI5 has gone.

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“It’s been reformed, it’s a different MI5 and that’s why so many of us are able to support it now.”

Ms Patel was made Home Secretary upon Boris Johnson commencing his term as Prime Minister.

She had previously been Theresa May’s International Development Secretary but resigned after it emerged she held several meetings in Israel where she discussed departmental business without the knowledge of Mrs May and then Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson.


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