Priti Patel to outline measures to stop disruptive activists following Insulate Britain protests


riti Patel will announce new powers for courts to prevent people attending protests, in her speech to the Conservative conference.

The Home Secretary’s announcement comes after a string of attempts by Insulate Britain climate activists to block roads including the M1 and M25.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Dominic Raab it to promise to increase the electronic tagging of offenders as well as pledge to do more to tackle violence against women and girls.

Mr Raab will promise £183m to double the number of offenders in England and Wales on electronic tags by 2025, in a bid to cut reoffending rates. He will also pledge £90m to pay for more hours of community payback by offenders.

Ms Patel will also use her Conservative Party conference address to announce a £15 million expansion in testing suspects for drugs on arrest, which could lead them to being given treatment for their addictions.

Mr Raab – who was demoted to Justice Secretary in September’s reshuffle – will use his speech to say that more than 25,000 criminals will be fitted with ankle tags as part of a £183 million plan to expand the use of electronic monitoring to cut crime.

Home Secretary Priti Patel and Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Tory conference in Manchester (Stefan Rousseau/PA) / PA Wire

It will include 10,000 prolific thieves, burglars and robbers being fitted with GPS tags as they come out of prison and around 3,500 high-risk domestic abusers also having their whereabouts monitored in this way.

More than 12,000 offenders will be subjected to wearing sobriety tags to watch their alcohol consumption.

The funding will see the number of people tagged at any one time rise from around 13,500 this year to around 25,000 by 2025.

Mr Raab will also set out a £90 million plan to increase community work carried out by criminals to around eight million hours a year which will look to recruit 500 more unpaid supervisors and focus on cleaning up streets and other open spaces.


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