Printemps opens The Marc Jacobs store

Printemps opens The Marc Jacobs store

Ever since Marc Jacobs launched The Marc Jacobs, his more accessibly priced
diffusion line to fill the void of what was left by Marc by Marc Jacobs,
celebrities and consumers have been responding positively to the
collection. Now, the designer is expanding the collection’s international
presence with a store at Paris’ prestigious Printemps department store. The
shop-in-shop covers 860 square feet on the women’s fourth floor.

Marc Jacobs is in a bit of a turnaround phase after several years of tough
sales and closing their London operations. As the company works to compete
in an e-commerce environment and a very saturated luxury market, Marc
Jacobs has worked with new ways to appeal to millennial consumers. The Marc
Jacobs was one of them, but more specifically, the brand is also more
invested in collaborations, like recent ones with New York Magazine and

Rather than treating The Marc Jacobs like uniform dressing or a runway
look, Jacobs realizes that millennials and Gen-Z are much more about
mixing-and-matching as well as doing high-low situations where they will
have an expensive designer piece that they’d pair with more accessibly
priced items. Jacobs is adapting to today’s customer, and this shop at
Printemps will help showcase his ability to still have global reach.

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