Prince Charles outrages GMB viewers as 'preaching' future King demands urgent 'reset'

Appearing on ITV , the Prince of Wales called for children to be educated on the effects of climate change to be better equipped in the future to make changes to our planet. claimed the world’s indigenous people’s “sixth sense” should no longer be dismissed as irrelevant and urged Britons to invest in nature. He said: “As a first step if we are to restore the critical balance between people and planet, we need to protect, restore and invest in nature.

“After all nature is central to all aspects of our existence, from the air we breath, our nourishment and shelter to our spiritual, cultural and recreational wellbeing.

“This virtuous circle of nature is something the world’s indigenous people understand only too well.

“And it’s why we should listen and learn from the profound wisdom of their intuitive sixth sense.

“Something we have so rationally discarded as being irrelevant in a modern world.”

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He added: “As we focus on these solutions at a local level, we also need to think about investing in scale.

“We need to explore cross-border efforts to maintain and restore highly bio-diverse natural ecosystems over large land and marine areas.

“In this reset moment we have an incredible opportunity to change the way we educate children so that they can better understand humanity’s relationship with nature.

“By doing so, we will inspire an entire generation of humanity who will be equipped to make the changes we so desperately need.”

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But the Prince of Wales was promptly criticised by GMB viewers who took to Twitter to highlight the royal’s failure to come up with a solution.

One viewer wrote: “As a massive Landowner Prince Charles can supply the means for this conservation education, between the Duchy of Cornwall and the Monarch’s Lands there is a national scope for this education.

“The Prince of Wales has been an environmentalist all his life now he must act.”

And another: “We don’t want any propaganda for our kids. The science is not settled…and scientists don’t agree.”

Some called for the Royal Family to show an example and stop engaging in hunting practices.

One Twitter user said: “He needs to stop hunting and traveling by private jets etc! The monarchy preach but don’t practice.”

And another: “Maybe him & rest of the royals etc should stop going hunting killing innocent animals for fun thats the best start.”

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Others, however, were pleased with the Prince’s intervention.

One wrote: “Very wise man is our Prince Charles. He was into conservation before global warming was ever mentioned.”

And another: “How much longer are the big polluters of this world – America, China and India got to ignore the wise words of #PrinceCharles and #SirDavidAttenborough. ?

“Wake up and smell the coffee…!”

Finally, one viewer said: “The more time goes on the more I respect this guy.”

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