Prince Charles confessed he was "reduced to tears" when he heard what Prince William planned for his royal inheritance

Prince Charles has confessed he was “reduced to tears” when he heard what Prince William planned for his royal inheritance.

Prince William spoke about his thoughts on the future during 2019 documentary Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall.

He told Mervyn Keeling: “I’ve started to think about how I will inherit the Duchy one day and what I do with it.

“I think it’s really important, about the family angle, I really do.”

He also talked about how his own children will also inherit the Duchy in many years to come.

Prince Charles has now talked about what it meant to him to hear his son talk about it.

He said: “When I saw it, I couldn’t believe it ‒ I was deeply touched and moved by what he said.”

He added: ‘”Frankly, it reduced me to tears.

“It did really because I suddenly thought well, just hearing that from him made the last 50 years worthwhile.”

William, the Duke of Cambridge recently launched the Earthshot Prize ceremony to encourage innovative ideas to save the planet.

The ceremony will reward five people a grant of one million pounds each, every year, after they come up with innovative ways to help reverse the effects of climate change.

Ahead of the ceremony, a proud Prince Charles spoke of his admiration for William.


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