Price of stupid: Cost of educating Boris Johnson's cabinet revealed to be £2.5million

Surprised at the stupidity of Boris Johnson and his Cabinet?

Well, you will be astonished at how much it cost to educate them.

Of 32 Cabinet members, 17 went to private schools, many of them elite institutions such as Eton, where fees top £40,000.

At current rates, the fees, from age 11, would be £2.5million.

Holly Rigby, of Labour Against Private Schools, said: “ Boris Johnson ’s Cabinet is one of the poshest in recent history,.

“It’s clear that the millions spent on education hasn’t made them fit to lead the country.”

She said state school students were “statistically” unlikely to ever lead the country as “power is hoarded by a privileged elite”.

Hopefully, these dunces will soon be expelled from office.

Boris Johnson, 55, Prime Minister – £269,865

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – SEPTEMBER 06: Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves after visiting Peterhead Fish Market on September 6, 2019 in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Prime Minister travelled to Aberdeenshire visiting Peterhead fish market and a farm to coincide with the publication of Lord Bews Review and the announcement of additional funding for Scottish farmers. He is expected to stay overnight at Balmoral with the Queen.  (Photo by Duncan McGlynn/Getty Images)

Education cost: Ashdown House, Sussex (75-77): £28,680/year = £57,360

Eton (77-82): £42,501/year = £212,505

Total: £269,865

Jacob Rees-Mogg, 50, Leader of the House – £217,509

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Education cost: Westminster Under School (80-82): £2,502/year = £5004

Eton (82-87): £42,501/year = £212,505

Total: £217,509

Amber Rudd, 56, Work & Pensions Secretary – £231,576

Amber Rudd

Education cost: Cheltenham Ladies’ College (74-79): £38,340/year – £191,700

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Queen’s College, London (79-81): £19,938/year – £39,876

Total: £231,576

Matt Hancock, 40, Health Secretary – £68,850

Matt Hancock

Education cost: The King’s School, Chester (89-94) £13,770/year

Total: £68,850

Theresa Villiers, 51, Environment Secretary – £151,200

Theresa Villiers

Education cost: Francis Holland Girls’ School, central London (69-76): £21,600/year

Total: £151,200

James Cleverly, 50, Party Chairman – £123,288

James Cleverly

Education cost: Colfe’s School, London (80-88): £17,604/year

Total: £123,228

Nicky Morgan, 46, Culture Secretary – £126,672

Nicky Morgan

Education cost: Surbiton High School (83-90): £18,096/year

Total: £126,672

Ben Wallace, 49, Defence Secretary – £165,435

Ben Wallace

Education cost: Millfield School, Somerset (81-88): £18,705/year (yrs 7 and 8), £25,605/year (yrs 9+)

Total: £165,435

Brandon Lewis, 48, Security Minister – £138,285

Brandon Lewis

Education cost: Forest School, Walthamstow (82-89): £19,755/year

Total: £138,285

Rishi Sunak, 39, Chief Secretary to the Treasury – £291,963

Rishi Sunak

Education cost: Winchester College (91-98): £41,709/year

Total: £291,963

Alister Jack, 56, Scotland Secretary – £231,300

Alister Jack

Education cost: Crawfordton House l, Dumfriesshire (74-76): £23,400/year = £46,800* Glenalmond College (76-81): £36,900/year = £184,500

Total: £231,300

* The school has now closed so this is a 2006 figure

Alok Sharma, 51, International Development Secretary – £122,598

Alok Sharma

Education cost: Reading Blue Coat School (78-85): £17,514/year

Total: £122,598

Robert Buckland, 50, Justice Secretary – £86,808

Robert Buckland

Education cost: St Michael’s School, Llanelli (70-77): £11,634/year (yrs 7 and 8), £12,708/year (yrs 9+)

Total: £86,808

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Kwasi Kwarteng, 44, Energy Minister – £267,750

Kwasi Kwarteng

Education cost: Eton (86-93): £38,250/year (King’s Scholar)

Total: About £267,750 *

* King’s Scholars pay up to 90% of the fees which is how this is calculated

Geoffrey Cox, 59, Attorney General – £161,490

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox

Education cost: King’s College, Taunton (70-77): £23,070/year

Total: £161,490

Stephen Barclay, 47, Brexit Secretary – £85,995

Stephen Barclay

Education cost: King Edward VII School, Lytham St Annes (83-90): £12,285/year

Total: £85,995

Esther McVey, 51, Housing Minister – £55,041

Esther McVey

Education cost: Belvedere School, Liverpool (69-76): £7,863/year

Total: £55,041 *

* These are 2006 figures when it stopped being a fee-paying school


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