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“I think we are all really waiting for little steps in the right direction. Not only in football but in all parts of life. These things with Tier 1, 2 and 3, it’s the best idea we have at the moment in this country, so I mean it depends on how many people are getting infected over a specific period of time.

So, yes, I understand that there are obviously some discussions about, ‘Oh, it’s an advantage for some clubs.’ I said before I knew which tier Liverpool would be in that it’s not discussing the advantage or disadvantage of this or that.

It’s just making small steps in the right direction and I hope this is the sign for it. So I’m happy, obviously, that we can bring in 2000 people. Nobody knows how long we can do that – I don’t know even for the moment for which game it will be for the first time and all these kinds of things. But I just think we should discuss this not on the basis of an advantage or disadvantage for this or that team because the world is in a difficult place and we all wait for small steps. It’s a small step in the right direction – that’s how I see it.


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