An investigation into modern womanhood emerged as a standout theme in Milan yesterday with Miuccia Prada, an expert on the subject, setting the agenda.

‘I am always interested in the cliche of femininity and the contrasts between that which is perceived to be”  she said after her show. 

Hers was a collection of contrasts with ties and poplin shirts in opposing shades presented alongside shredded wool skirts. Transparent nylon dresses, embroidered with iridescent stones or detailed embroidery, continued this juxtaposition. 

For the Prada fan, who comes to the brand for its intellectualised take on contemporary fashion, there was much to like. 

Gigi Hadid (IMAXtree)

These were clothes for the truly stylish, city slicker with oversized tweed skirts and candy coloured nylon anoraks worn belted at the waist among the star attractions. 

Prada has form for making the unfashionable fashionable, and for next season it seems it’s the decidedly unsexy notion of practicality that is to be given her magic touch. Candy-coloured rubber boots, with non-slip soles and shearing linings, were among the most inspired examples.

A play on sportswear which sees Prada reinvent the basketball shirt, was further proof that feminine fashion could be both beautiful and purposeful simultaneously. 

But it wasn’t all sensibly stylish stuff. A series of stacked sole Mary Jane style court shoes were the stuff of which fashion fairy tales are made while a series of match-box-sized handbags, in shades of lemon and zesty orange, were a reminder that every woman has a playful side. 

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