Power season 6, episode 7 promo: What will happen in the next episode?

The final and sixth season of Power is now in full swing with episode seven scheduled for release on Starz on Sunday, October 6. After freeing Tariq (played by Michael Rainey Jr) from Vincent (Joe Perrino) in the sixth instalment, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost’s (Omari Hardwick) truce appears to come to an end but the pair both seem concerned with the teen’s behaviour. Here’s what we know from the new trailer.

The new Power promo opens with Tariq and his father in conversation.

Ghost says to him: “Keep thinking you’re smarter than me. Don’t ever make that mistake again, son.”

Hardwick’s character seems to mean business as he threatens his son.

Perhaps this confirms he known Tariq was using Vincent to extort money out his parents and Tommy.

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The concern is echoed by Lakeisha (La La Anthony) during a conversion with Tommy in the promo.

She says to him: “Tariq is not the same kid we knew growing up. He’s different now.”

Tommy appears reluctant to listen to his girlfriend’s words but the next scene confirms Tariq hasn’t learnt his lesson.

Tariq approaches Dre (Rotimi) in episode seven behind his father’s back.

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Keen to get back into dealing, Tariq says to Dre: “I need weight.”

Dre tells him: “I’m about to make a move and after that, you can have all the product you want.”

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Does this mean Dre and Tariq will join forces against Ghost at some point in season six?

Unaware of his son’s antics, Ghost still remains concerned with getting him back on track.

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In the promo, he says to Tasha (Naturi Naughton): “I’ll just find a school that will take him,

“Then he’ll have a life I never had – a real education.”

Little does Tasha and Ghost know that Tariq is listening into his parent’s plans to send him back to school.

The promo ends with Lakeisha upset about Tommy’s work and how involved she’s become.

She tells him: “Tommy, I’m not trying to do this street s*** forever.”

Tommy quickly shuts her down, saying: “You don’t get to pick and choose when you’re down.”

Needless to say, the next episode promises an almighty showdown with Tariq at the centre.

Power season 6 continues on Starz every Sunday and Netflix on Monday.


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