Pokemon Sword, Shield release date latest: Will new Nintendo release max out your Switch

Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order customers have been given a bit of a boost ahead of the November release date.

With the new Pokemon game just a few weeks away from launch, the file size for the game has been revealed.

And the good news is that Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t max out your Switch console’s memory.

According to a new report on Nintendo Everything, each individual game will only take up 9.5GB of space on the internal memory.

It’s a far cry from some of the console’s third-party efforts, which sometimes max out the Nintendo Switch’s memory.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are also ready to pre-load in Japan, which means UK and US pre-loading shouldn’t be far behind.

This means that as long as you’ve pre-ordered the game and pre-loaded it, you can start playing the minute in goes live.

New Pokemon Sword and Shield details are being revealed every day in the lead up to launch.

This includes plans to include an auto-save feature in the upcoming Nintendo Switch release.

Missing from all past entries, the auto-save function should stop players from accidentally losing progress after forgetting to save.

While the feature is sure to prove popular with fans, traditionalists can opt to turn the autosave feature off.

Another gameplay tweak involves the distribution of experience after battles.

Previously, the EXP. Share item could be used to evenly share experience between Pocket Monsters.

This is no longer the case, as Game Freak opts to automatically share EXP evenly among Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a November 15 release date, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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The game contains lots of new features and a new generation of Pokemon, not to mention a brand new location loosely based on the United Kingdom.

One of the headline new features is the aforementioned Dynamaxing, which transforms Pocket Monsters into huge beasts with more powerful special moves.

The Nintendo Switch game will also have more Trainer customisation options, including the ability to change hairstyles and wear makeup.

Players will also be able to set up camps when exploring the Galar region, and can even cook up a selection of curry dishes.


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