Pokemon Sword and Shield: Pokemon That NEED a Galar Region Form

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The upcoming Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Sword and Shield is the next release in the legendary series.

It has already gathered multiple discussion points around the new features which will be present on the November 5th release. 

One of these newly announced features coming to Sword and Shield is the “Galar Region” forms that certain Pokemon will be found with in the game. Similar to the Aloha region Pokemon which was introduced during Pokemon Sun and Moon, these alternate forms of certain Pokemon will have drastically different cosmetic looks along with the possibility of different typing. 

With multiple ones already announced, what are the Pokemon that NEED to have a Galar region form? Let us go through our picks!

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One of staple Pokemon from generation 3 and the Hoenn, Milotic is one of the strongest water-type Pokemon that can be found in any Pokemon game. Found within the water near the Pokemon League, Milotic also bolsters one of the best damage and defensive ratings for water-type Pokemon throughout the games.

Going into Pokemon Sword and Shield, Milotic has not received a different form throughout the Pokemon games and has quite honestly been forgotten about by some fans. Turning Milotic into some sort of electric-water type or maybe even a fairy-water type would be ideal for many players.

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Moving onward from Hoenn region, Luxray is one of the most well-rounded players from the Sinnoh region and generation 4. Luxray is one of the first Pokemon that players are able to catch throughout their journey and also happens to be one of the staple Pokemon for many players teams.

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Much like Milotic, Luxray has somewhat been forgotten about in recent times and with its rather dark looking appearance, potentially a crossover between electric and dark type would be ideal. Sword and Shield have already revealed some classical Pokemon set to receive different forms throughout the region, so maybe Luxray is next in line to receive a change.

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Rounding off our list is one of the best Pokemon from the Kanto region and generation 1 in Nidoking. Similar to Luxray, Nidoking’s previous evolutions are one of the earliest found Pokemon throughout the game and such has become a must-have Pokemon for many players.

The theme of the Pokemon found in this list is Pokemon that Nintendo has seemingly forgotten about with their newly introduced forms throughout the last few Pokemon titles. Nidoking is well-deserving of a makeover in Sword and Shield, linking up any typing with its poison type would make it one of the most unique regions exclusive Pokemon yet.

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