Pokemon Go March 2019 Field Research rewards, Dialga Raid battles REVEALED

fans can tackle a Legendary new Raid boss in March, as Dialga joins the game.

The Steel and Dragon-type Pokemon comes to Raid battles later today (March 1), before disappearing on March 28.

“A new arrival to Raids will test your strength this next month!” reads a Niantic post.

“The Steel- and Dragon-type Temporal Pokemon, Dialga, will join Raid Battles across the world from March 1 at 1pm PST to March 28 at 1pm PDT!”

The new Pokemon is able to bend time to its will, whether that’s speeding it up, slowing things down or stopping time altogether.

As such, if you want to take Dialga down and potentially capture it, you’ll need a team of Fighting or Ground Pokemon at your disposal.

“With the ability to warp time by slowing it down, speeding it up, and even stopping it altogether, Sinnoh region mythology says that time began moving when Dialga was born,” Niantic continues.

“Be sure to assemble a team that includes Fighting- and Ground-type Pokemon to take down this Legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh before it overpowers your Pokemon with its special attacks!

“Don’t miss this chance to catch this Legendary Pokemon before it leaves for a new dimension! Stay safe, and happy exploring!”

The news isn’t quite so good for fans hoping to catch a powerful new Pokemon as part of Field Research breakthroughs in March.

It looks like Field Research breakthroughs are staying the same for another month.

Fans will therefore have a chance to encounter Lugia, Ho-Oh, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Raikou, Entei or Suicune.

Unfortunately, however, the Pokemon you encounter is random, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get the one you need.


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