Pokémon-dedicated Nintendo Direct announced

Surprise! Nintendo has announced a special Pokmon Direct broadcast set for this Thursday, 9th January at 2.30pm UK time.

That’s 6.30am Pacific, or 9.30am Eastern for our friends across the pond.

It feels soon – very soon – after the release of last year’s Pokmon Sword and Shield to be making the kinds of announcement usually reserved for Pokmon Directs – ie. a brand new game.

But we already know 2020 will be a bumper year for Pokmon. We’re due news on the franchise’s all-encompassing Pokmon Home app, a new repository for creatures from 3DS and Nintendo Switch games plus Pokmon Go.

We’re also due an update on Pokmon Sleep, the nighttime monitoring smartphone app set to reward you with Pokmon while you slumber.

Could we also get a hint at this year’s big Pokmon game for Nintendo Switch? The existence of one feels inevitable – the last year without a mainline release was 2015, after all.

Tune in on Thursday for more.


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