PlayStation will hold a Nintendo Direct-style show on Monday

PlayStation has announced State of Play, its own version of a Nintendo Direct or Inside Xbox announcement broadcast. The first episode will be streamed this Monday, 25th March.

You’ll be able to tune in from 9pm UK time (2pm Pacific, or 5pm Eastern) for “updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation”.

Sony hasn’t teased any specific reveals, other than a general focus on “upcoming PS4 and PS VR software”.

Regardless, some kind of excitement from PlayStation feels much needed. While Nintendo uses Directs and Nindies broadcasts to make big announcements, and Microsoft’s Inside Xbox shows are generally well stocked with new information, PlayStation has felt particularly quiet.


2019 feels a relatively quiet one for PlayStation overall – likely part of the reason Sony is skipping this year’s E3. After Days Gone, it’s unclear if the platform’s remaining big exclusives (The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Dreams, Ghosts of Tsushima) will even arrive before the year’s end. And while Microsoft has been relatively open with its new console and streaming plans, Sony has so far kept its cards close to its chest.

Speaking of E3, Sony has said Monday’s State of Play episode is just the first. Will it use another State of Play episode to make its announcements around the same time?


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