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Playing Video Games is Fun, But Creating the Kind of Game You’d Like to Play Is a Lot Cooler – Mandatory

TL; DR: Learn to create incredible video games with the Build Your Own First-Person Shooter Game Development Bundle for $39.99, a 97% savings.

Does the name Alex Balfanz sound familiar? No? Well, this guy created an amateur game in high school called Jailbreak on a popular online gaming site, Roblox. He created the game for fun, not expecting it to blow up majorly, but at the moment, Jailbreak has been played more than 3 billion times, raking in millions for Balfanz and his partner.

We’re not turning this into a ‘you-can-make-it-too-if-you-try’ story, but you can make it if you try, and if you’ve got a laptop, a killer idea and a bit of time, we’ve got just what you need to create the next mind-blowing underdog in the gaming world.

If you’re trying to become a game programmer, the Build Your Own First-Person Shooter Game Development Bundle is a great starting point for you. You don’t even need to have major coding skills to start — the bundle will take you right from scratch to where you want to be. With 10 courses covering 210 quick and easy lessons, you’ll become a pro in all the programming languages you need to learn to form an insane shooter game. It might not be as great as Call of Duty, but you’ll be on your way there.

So, what’s in this bundle? The package includes courses that show you how to develop games with the popular Unity engine, build a first-person shooter in Unreal engine, develop multiplayer games, and so much more! You’ll even learn everything about creating 3D games with Unity, and building a shooter on Godot. You don’t need millions to build a great video game, and going through these courses will show you that an amazing concept and skills are more important.

The First-Person Shooter Game Development Bundle has a total value of $1,990, but you can get it all at 97% off for just $39.99. Some more proof that you can create your own games without a ton of money.

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