Plane passengers repulsed by pair’s disgusting antics mid-flight in viral Instagram photo

Flights can sometimes see plane passengers forget that a certain level of etiquette is still required, despite being thousands of feet up in the air. An Instagram photo shared by Instagram account passengershaming has caught two flyers doing something considered unacceptable by many others. It’s universally acknowledged that passengers should keep to their own seat and respect other people’s personal space. However, this is exactly what these two people chose not to do during their flight.

The disturbing Instagram photo shows the duo sitting in their seats with their legs high in the air and resting on the headrest in front.

To make matters much, much worse, both flyers have removed their shoes and their bare feet are sticking up for everyone to see.

The traveller by the window’s face cannot be seen they are slumped so far down in the chair.

But their legs are placed either side of the passenger’s head in front – with one foot resting against the side of the cabin in a rather lewd-looking pose.

The flyer seems to show no consideration for the person in front and whether they are affected by the naked limbs by their head.

The person in the middle seat has chosen to rest her bare feet on an item of clothing in at least some attempt at decorum.

The photo was taken from several rows in front, but a passenger behind the two bare-footed travellers is clearly also shocked.

They can be seen taking a photo of the unpleasant position the two flyers have got themselves into.

Instagram users have been horrified by the photo and shared their thoughts on the pair’s actions.

“I don’t even understand how they are even sitting and is that even comfortable?” one person posted.

Others had slightly stronger views, with one writing: “If anyone put their stinky obnoxious hooves anywhere near my head I would be raising hell.”

“Do people just have no class anymore!” a third wrote while another commented: “I like the dude in the seat in front, trying to block out the world – do not turn around!!!”

It’s not just feet that some passengers refuse to keep to themselves. Another Instagram photo shows a woman invading another flyer’s personal space with her hair.

The female traveller has taken her long black and grey hair and draped it over the back of the chair. 

Consequently, the lengthy tresses hang right in front of the passengers sitting in the seats behind her.

The ponytail trails so far down it seems to skim the back seat pocket where in-flight magazines are kept.

One another occasion a woman hung out her bikinis to dry on the back on plane seats in an unpleasant photo also shared by Instagram account passengershaming.

“Laundry day!” one social media user posted, while another wrote: “Is she drying a damp bathing suit on the back of the seats? Is that what I’m seeing here?”


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