Pit bull put down after attacking Bonteheuwel residents

(File Photo: OJ Koloti/Gallo Images)

(File Photo: OJ Koloti/Gallo Images)

  • The SPCA has euthanised a pit bull after it attacked a woman in Bonteheuwel.
  • Bingo was hiding between an informal structure and a fence when the SPCA arrived at the scene.
  • Police confirmed they were called out, but did not open a case.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has put down a pit bull after it mauled a woman and several other residents during separate attacks in Bonteheuwel.

SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham confirmed that Bingo had been euthanised at the request of its owner, after the dog had attacked a woman on Monday.

Residents claimed the victim was rushed to hospital after Bingo had bit her leg and that she was recovering.

SPCA inspector Jeffry Mfini responded to a call-out and found several residents armed with pangas and stones at the scene, all ready to kill the dog.

The SPCA said at the time Bingo was hiding between an informal structure and a fence.

He had sustained a number of injuries from being beaten, she said. 

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Mfini had carefully lured the dog out from its hiding place with a control pole and into the vehicle and transported it back to their offices where Bingo was later put down.

According to the SPCA they were informed that there were allegedly reports of Bingo having attacked at least three residents.

Sub council chairperson for the area Angus McKenzie said he had received numerous messages from angry residents following the attack.

McKenzie said he decided to immediately call the SPCA and the SAPS.

“I was made aware of this pit bull’s behaviour and vicious attacks in the area, by numerous residents,” he added.

McKenzie said it was an owner’s responsibility to look after their dogs.

“The dog has only responded to people the way he was reared and trained. However, there is no excuse as to why the dog attacked people,” McKenzie said.

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SAPS spokesperson Joseph Swaartbooi confirmed that they responded to a complaint of a woman being attacked by a dog near Redberry Street. 

“The complainant, however, did not request a criminal case to be registered for further investigation,” he said. 

Angry Bonteheuwel residents said they had had “enough” of the attacks and wanted the dog gone.

Resident Cheryl Blikkies said the animal was a “menace” and should’ve been put down a long time ago.

“The dog was seldom on a leash, he would be roaming around the streets waiting for people to walk past him so he would attack,” she said.

Shaun Moses said they had asked the owner numerous times to keep the dog inside, but that his response was always that “the dog is just protecting the area”.

Moses said:

Pit bulls are angry animals. Once they lock their jaws into you, there is almost no letting go. I was very glad to see the SPCA take that evil dog away because now our kids don’t have to fear walking in the area.

Abraham said owners needed to realise the added responsibility that comes with owning a pit bull.

“All dogs bite, but an attack by a pit bull is likely to have devastating consequences because of their robust jaw string, which is why owners must take extra care,” she said.

The SPCA appealed to the public not to take matters into their own hands during these instances and to rather report the attacks to Law Enforcement or call the SPCA on 021 700 4158/9 or after hours on 083 326 1604.


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