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Piers Morgan's son Spencer unleashes scathing attack on 'virtue signalling' Adil Ray

“Not seen your take on Ben Stokes quitting cricket due to his mental health, what is your view?” the social media user asked.

“And due to a busted finger..” Piers replied, before adding: “I’m sure Ben Stokes wouldn’t call his decision to pull out of the massive India Test series ‘tremendously courageous’, ‘inspiring’ or ‘heroic’, as some are saying. Nor would I.”

Piers continued: “England will be weaker without him & I hope he’s back for the Ashes.”

The dad-of-four was left raging when asked on Twitter: “So, will you say of Ben Stokes: ‘you have let down your team-mates, your fans and your country’? I doubt it, and it speaks volumes about you.”

He replied: “If he quit in the middle of a Test match with no physical injury, leaving his teammates in the lurch like Simone Biles did, & complained he wasn’t having enough ‘fun’, then I would have said that. Especially if he had GOAT embroidered on his shirt.

“But he didn’t. So I didn’t.”


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