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Piers Morgan Twitter: Star blasts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after children bombshell

Piers Morgan hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in view of his 6.7 million Twitter followers last night. The Good Morning Britain host reacted to comments made by the Duke of Sussex about his environmental concerns. The 54-year-old said the royal, 34, “uses helicopters” to travel across the UK, before also taking aim at the Duchess of Sussex, 37. He claimed the former Suits actress “uses celebrity mates’ private jets”, after it was previously reported she used one to return from New York City following her baby shower.

Pies at first shared a headline, referencing Prince Harry’s latest interview with primatologist Jane Goodall for British Vogue.

It read: “Prince Harry says he and his wife Meghan will have no more than two children because of concerns for the environment.”

He then retweeted it with the caption: “Is this the same Harry who uses helicopters to go from London to Birmingham & whose wife uses celebrity mates’ private jets to cross the Atlantic?”

Prince William’s younger brother and new father said welcoming his son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, back in May had changed his perspective.

“I think, weirdly, because of the people that I’ve met and the places that I’ve been fortunate enough to go to, I’ve always had a connection and a love for nature,” he said.

“I view it differently now, without question. I’ve always wanted to try and ensure that, even before having a child and hoping to have children…”

It was then that Jane, 85, interjected during the interview with British Vogue, saying “not too many”, and Harry replied: “Two, maximum.”

He interviewed her for the September issue, which has been guest-edited by Meghan.

Prince Harry went on to say the destruction of the environment was “terrifying”.

He added: “We are already living in it. We are the frog in the water and it’s already been brought to the boil.”

Piers’ post quickly garnered a number of replies, with one user agreeing: “He’s crossed the threshold from being the cool one to being the spoilt pain in the a**e.”

Someone else stated: “Utter farce,” as a third went on: “Most celebrities who preach us on ‘climate change’ and ‘saving the planet’ are hypocrites.”

However, others rushed to their defence: “Whatever they do, you take t opposite position. I would have people using their platform for positivity any day.”(sic)

Two other replies read: “I’m sure your lifestyle is ultra modest Piers!” and: “Why do you hate them so much? I have never seen you say or report one positive thing about this couple.”

It comes after Piers slammed Meghan for editing Vogue in his latest column for the Daily Mail.

He said: “I’m sure the one thing we all need most in the world right now is a fabulously rich and entitled Princess lecturing us on privilege from her servant-laden royal quarters.”


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