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Piers Morgan Twitter: ‘Man up snowflake’ GMB host hits back at Gary Lineker amid UK return

Piers Morgan, 54, told Gary Lineker, 58, to “man up” after the pair got involved in a Twitter spat over Boris Johnson’s, 55, decision to suspend parliament last week. As a result, the Good Morning Britain presenter couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease the Match of the Day host after he admitted he was suffering from “man flu”. Gary addressed his ill health in view of his 7.4 million Twitter followers yesterday, as he wrote: “Man flu sucks,” alongside a face with thermometer emoji. After spotting the BBC favourite’s revelation, Piers wasted no time in branding him a “snowflake”.

The outspoken star hit back at the football pundit as he replied: “Man up, snowflake,” in view of his 6.8 million followers.

Gary didn’t shy away from offering his own retort to Piers’ remark, as he responded: “Manning up as we speak,” with an added woozy face emoji.

Piers and Gary’s exchange took place just before the outspoken journalist announced he had returned to the UK after holidaying with family in the South of France.

The star confirmed the news in a separate tweet, which read: “Back in Britain. 

“Everyone still hysterically throwing their toys out of the Brexit pram?”

Fans took to the TV personality’s post to share their thoughts on Piers’ return.

One person quizzed: “Are you back on #GMB on Monday? I can’t believe it, but I’ve missed you!”

“Thank god you’re back to bring some sense to the proceedings,” another fan added.

Piers revealed he would be back on GMB alongside his co-host Susanna Reid, 48, on Monday after his summer break.

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Elsewhere, Piers clashed with Gary Lineker once again and accused him of ignoring the results of the Brexit vote.

The star took issue with the former Leicester City player’s tweet about politics, which said: “The government’s argument that they’re doing this for democracy is remarkably undemocratic.”

Piers wrote back: “Says the man who has howled for 3yrs that we should ignore the result of a democratic vote…”

However, Gary denied the GMB host’s claims as he responded: “Never have I said that we should ignore the result. That indeed would be undemocratic. 

“We could though look at the crooked, lying nature of how it was sold to us back then by the elite now dictating (literally) and decide as a democratic country if that’s still what we want.”

In spite of Gary’s restrained suggestion, Piers refused to back down and brought Gary’s salary into the argument. 

He fumed: “Mate, it doesn’t get more elite than you… as BBC licence fee payers know to our cost.”

Sky News presenter Mark Austin, 60, then stepped in to defend Gary, as he fired back at Piers in view of his 73,000 Twitter followers: “Says the bloke who’s spending much of August on a flash yacht in the South of France.”

Determined to get the last word, Piers made a dig at the journalist by replying: “Says the bloke who wishes he could afford to…”


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