Piers Morgan STUNS Rachel Johnson with choice for next Prime Minister – 'would deliver'

revealed former Foreign Secretary and staunch Brexiteer Boris Johnson would have his support in the Tory leadership challenge because he would deliver . Mr Johnson is believed to be among the members of the Conservative Party considering standing to take over the party from to ensure Britain leaves the European Union. The Good Morning Britain host suggested putting the former frontbencher in charge could help resolve the deadlock currently gripping Parliament: “What you do is you put another Johnson in charge – Boris, who is a Brexiteer – no offence, Rachel.

“I’m sure it would cause a few problems over the dinner table at home but never mind.”

Rachel Johnson, who was on the show to discuss her candidacy for the pro-Remain party – The Independent Group at the upcoming , appeared unimpressed with the suggestion.

Before asking Ms Johnson what she thought of her brother’s prospects at the leadership, Mr Morgan continued: “You put a Brexiteer in charge who genuinely believes who then calls out all these MPs, three quarters of whom voted Remain, and says ‘how dare you abrogate your duty and responsibility to implement the democratic will of the people of this country?’

“Let me ask you about Boris because he is our brother, whether you like it or not. He’s going to be Tory leader or Prime Minister?”

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Ms Johnson praised her brother for his political skills despite the two siblings being on opposite sides of the Brexit debate since before the .

The candidate for the South West constituency said: “I love him very much. I’m going to be loyal here.

“I’m not going to sit here and snipe at the sidelines. I’ve known him all my life, he’s a brilliant person, he’d make a very good leader.

“And if he really believes Brexit is so good for the country, he should have the confidence to say, ‘guys, you can have another think and this is what I want, follow me’.”

Theresa May agreed to have Britain take part in the May European Parliamentary election in exchange for EU leaders agreeing to a of the Brexit process until October 31. 

The Prime Minister has been engaged in cross-party talks with in an attempt to find common ground and see her withdrawal agreement pass through the Commons after MPs rejected the proposal three times.

De facto deputy Prime Minister described the talks with the Opposition as “positive” and “productive” as discussions resumed on Monday after recess.

Mr Lidington and Chancellor Philip Hammond led the Government side in talks in Whitehall with a Labour team including shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer and shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to commit Labour to a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal when his party’s governing body meets this week to agree its European election manifesto.

The ruling National Executive Committee is to gather on Tuesday for a crunch meeting to finalise the party’s position on Brexit for next month’s polls.

Some 115 MPs and MEPs signed a letter to NEC members organised by the Love Socialism, Hate Brexit group urging them to explicitly back a referendum in the manifesto.


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