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Piers Morgan 'stunned' by Lord Sugar email ending feud after 'vicious public onslaught'

Piers Morgan has today revealed that he and Lord Alan Sugar are no longer at war. Speaking in his latest column, the outspoken journalist said the pair are back on friendly terms after 20 months of not speaking.

The 56-year-old and The Apprentice star, 74, had been friends for 25-years before arguments errupted in early 2020.

Sugar had braned Morgan a “shameful, irresponsible, exploitative, hypocritical martyr and disgrace”.

He compared the ex Good Morning Britain host to Donald Trump in “shouting down and abusing anyone whose opinion he doesn’t like”.

While the former newspaper editor called him a “selfish, stupid, privileged billionaire”.

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Morgan had said at the time: “[If he] wants to spew constant repulsive abuse at someone for holding the Government to account for decisions that will decide whether people live or die, that’s a matter for him and his conscience.”

He claimed it was a “vicious public onslaught” and came shortly before his exit from GMB.

Sugar’s words saw his once friend block him on social media and not reply to private messages.

However, the duo have now settled their differences, with Morgan being left “stunned” by an email he received from him last week.

Sugar reached out to Morgan via email after the latter’s conversation with the former’s spokesperson and PR consultant Andrew Bloch at an event.

When asked by the latter if he’d patch things up with him, he stated: “Possibly,” but only if he acknowledged he’d gone too far.

Three days later, Sugar messaged him: “What’s done is done and it’s not worth falling out over long-term, considering how far we go back.”

Stunned Morgan agreed, telling him he thought his reaction had been over the top but lets “bury the hatchet”.

He added in his piece for the Daily Mail: “I realised there was something rather two-faced about me cutting him off in the way I did, because I was behaving exactly like the anti-democratic illiberal woke brigade, who refuse to countenance any alternative opinions and ‘cancel’ anyone who disagrees with them.”

Morgan is no stranger to public spats and yesterday hit out at former breakfast television rvial Dan Walker.

He questioned why the BBC presenter hadn’t touched upon the subject of Azeem Rafiq’s historic anti-Semitic comments, which he apologised for last week, during his interview with Michael Vaughan.

Morgan wrote in view of his 7.9 million followers: “Why did you not even mention Rafiq’s own proven racism?”


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