Piers Morgan reckons Scotland will win tonight because of mother nature

Former GMB host Piers Morgan believes that Scotland’s national football team will win over England tonight as a result of mother nature.

The Tartan Army is ready to cheer on the Scots as they try to beat England after a disappointing first match against the Czech Republic.

Piers, who recently spent some time in Scotland playing golf and enjoyed the sunny tho slightly windy weather here, reckons the Scots may be at an advantage as a result of the rainy weather conditions in London just now.

Following two weeks of warm weather, thee are even flood warnings in place down south while Scotland is still basking in the sunshine.

Piers told his Twitter followers: “The harder it rains in London, and the colder it gets, the better Scotland’s chances tonight. It’s like a heatwave for them. #ENGSCO.”

As ever, Piers comment managed to rile some who saw it as an insult. Others of course took it as a good luck sign.

One said: “Aye mate, coz England is just like a Carribbean island. Give me rain and being Scottish any day of the week.”

Another added: “Big fan of yours @piersmorgan but this is a tad harsh. Comon SCOTLAND.”

Someone else said: “Getting the Excuses from the English early.”

And one person wrote: “Scotland objectively have little chance. Think the game will be an anti climax.”

One twitter follower concluded: “Loving all the dismissive comments on here.

“The English forget that the last time these 2 met, in World Cup qualifier in 2017, it took a 93rd minute equaliser from Harry Kane to avoid defeat against us.”


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