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Piers Morgan: GMB host reignites feud with 'vile' Jim Davidson 'He’s completely bonkers'

Piers Morgan, 55, has responded to Jim Davidson’s remarks, as he said that the comedian appeared “completely bonkers” while ranting about him in a “Cossack-style dressing gown” earlier last week. The Good Morning Britain host said he will now find the “strength” to cope with not having the “vile ranting lunatic” in his life, as he vowed to completely sever ties with the comedian.

Opening upon those who were sceptical of his continual challenging of the Conservative government on Good Morning Britain, Piers said: “Jim Davidson, wearing a Cossack-style dressing gown in his kitchen, posted a video tirade of foul-mouthed abuse. 

“The Right-wing comedian, who looked and sounded completely bonkers, raged, ‘Piers, I’m ashamed to have sat in front of you for my Life Story.

“‘You don’t deserve anyone’s Life Story because you don’t listen.

“‘Now, you idiot, you want to lay blame on the Prime Minister to make yourself look good. You don’t look good, you look pathetic. And Susanna, so do you. You’re just Piers in a frock. Shame on the pair of you. Piers, I’m ashamed to even know you’.

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Piers joked sarcastically that the remarks from Jim had come as a “crushing blow” as addressed having to cut ties some celebrity “friends” during the pandemic.

He continued in his Mail On Sunday column: “I’ll just have to somehow find the strength to cope with not having this vile ranting lunatic in my life, just as I’ve had to dump other famous ‘friends’ who’ve lost their minds during the pandemic.”

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Elsewhere in Jim’s original rant aimed at Piers, the comedian had criticised the presenter for asking Boris to “resign” as Prime Minister following the UK reaching 100,000 COVID deaths.

Jim fumed: “I can’t believe what I’m listening to, talk about an opportunist. [Piers] calling for the Prime Minister to resign, because we have reached 100,000 [COVID deaths]. 

“Just shame on you. Instead of trying to trip the Prime Minister over, why don’t you do something to help.

“Why do you think nobody comes on your f***ing show? The Prime Minister has got better things to do. “

Jim also became visibly emotional as he recalled one of his friends who had died.

He added: “One of my friends died last night. Do I blame the Prime Minister? No.


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