Piers Morgan clashes with Pink Floyd's Roger Walters over intense interview

Piers Morgan wasn’t holding back when he revealed he’d recorded a sensational new interview with Roger Waters, which aired last night on his Uncensored show.

“I interviewed Pink Floyd star @rogerwaters yesterday, after calling him ‘the world’s dumbest rock star’ and a ‘complete and utter moron’,” he began.

Piers ominously continued: “It went as well as could be expected,” before inviting viewers to tune in. The stormy interview was every bit as confrontational as Piers had predicted, with Roger at one point angrily quizzing: “Are you deaf?”

Roger laughed repeatedly as Piers read out a tweet from former Pink Floyd lyricist Polly Samson describing him as “antisemitic to the rotten core” and a “Putin apologist”.

When it was pointed out that David Gilmour had also retweeted it, he replied: “No comment. Oh, shut up… They’re public and I’m private.

Then, during the interview, Roger denied that Israeli women had been raped during the attacks of October 7 by Hamas, calling those who claimed otherwise “filthy, disgusting” liars.

Piers shot back: “Actually women WERE raped”, to which he replied: “No they weren’t. There’s no evidence.”

Viewers immediately shot back at the interview, with one writing to Piers: “You got him there.” Another said: “This is a masterclass in how to destroy any chance of a legacy.”

More viewers joined in the outrage when they expressed their fury in the comments section of Piers’ Twitter post.

Viewers praised Piers for the interview, with one person writing: “Great interview,” as another said:”In order to be a prolific podcaster, you have to be willing to talk with really horrible people!”

One eagle-eyed viewer spotted how miserable the rocker appeared to look in a photo snapped with Piers, whose grinning demeanour couldn’t have been more different to his interviewee’s.

“He looks happy to be there,” the tweeter exclaimed sarcastically.

“He’s as deep as the glass of water he’s holding!” fired back another.


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