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Piers Morgan: ‘Can you let the cops know?’ GMB host responds to Jeffrey Epstein remark

A Twitter user shared a picture of Piers Morgan and Ghislaine Maxwell alongside each other with the caption: “@piersmorgan screams about The Duchess of Sussex after she speaks openly about #MentalHealth.

“Says nothing about Prince Andrew’s close relationship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who was ‘suicided’.

“Oh wait, Piers was friends with one of the main protagonists of the sex ring.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin responded to the tweet, writing: “Sh*t.”

Piers jumped in to speak out in view of his 6.86 million followers, writing: “It’s true.

“I’m a close personal friend of Ghislaine Maxwell.

“In fact the total sum of 5 minutes that we spent in each other’s company at a book launch in 2013 probably makes me an accomplice to all of Epstein’s crimes. Can you let the cops know?”

Many of his fans flocked to his post to share their thoughts.

One user wrote: “This is definitely the best way to respond to this situation.”

Another commented: “How annoying are these people!”

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell on August 10 as he waited trial on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges.

One of his accuser’s Virginia Giuffre – formerly Virginia Roberts – has claimed she was approached by socialite Ghislaine to give massages to Epstein.

In a court deposition, she said the encounter happened when she was working at Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida aged 15.

Virginia claims she was recruited by Ghislaine, who has repeatedly denied all the accusations against her.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Dan Walker slammed Piers for comments he made about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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The Duchess of Sussex candidly spoke out about her treatment from press in a rare interview as part of their ITV documentary An African Adventure.

Piers wrote: “Imagine being two staggeringly privileged royal multi-millionaires going to Africa to make a documentary that supposedly ‘shines a light’ on poverty, violence against women/girls & racial inequality – then in fact making it all about their own terrible struggle? I mean, FFS.”(sic)

Dan responded to Piers’ comment, writing: “Imagine being given a TV show & a newspaper column & using them both to pick on a woman who didn’t want to go out for a second drink with you.”

It wasn’t long before the ITV star hit back at Dan with another response, writing: “Imagine being the dullest, most excruciatingly virtue-signalling, tediously opinion-devoid, toe-curlingly snivelling sycophant on TV?

“PS for the record, I never asked Meghan for a drink, she asked me.”

The pair’s Twitter spat extended into a lengthy thread with Dan claiming that the father-of-four was “losing the plot” before he was hit with another jibe from the GMB presenter.

“Mate, the only thing I lose when jousting with you is the will to live,” Piers replied.


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