Piers Morgan brands people who refuse Covid vaccine 'deluded ignorant morons'

Piers Morgan has ranted about people who refuse to get the Covid vaccine, branding them “deluded ignorant morons”.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter took to Twitter to say that they are the people that are keeping the pandemic going and urged everyone to get the jab.

His tweet typically caused controversy and Piers continued to argue with those who won’t be jabbed, branding them “stupid”.

Piers ranted in his tweet: “People have the right to not get vaccinated against covid.

“Just as I have the right to think they’re selfish, deluded ignorant morons who will keep this pandemic going much longer than it should.”

Piers Morgan has gone on an angry rant at people who refuse to have the coronavirus vaccine
Piers Morgan has gone on an angry rant at people who refuse to have the coronavirus vaccine

He finished his post with the hashtag #GetJabbed.

When one of his followers accused him of “supporting medical fascism”, Piers replied: “I support common sense.

“Anti-vaxxers need to understand there are consequences to your stupidity – no flying, no clubbing, but on a positive note you get to march with Piers Corbyn and Right Said Fred.”

Piers also welcomed the news that, from September, people who want to go to night clubs or other venues with large crowds will have to be double jabbed.

Piers branded them 'deluded' and 'ignorant morons'
Piers branded them ‘deluded’ and ‘ignorant morons’

He retweeted the news, saying “good” and adding three applause emojis.

Piers has long been a supporter of the vaccine, and last month hit out at NHS and care home staff who are refusing to get it.

He tweeted: “NHS and Care Home staff who refuse to be vaccinated need to leave their jobs and do something that requires less reckless selfish disregard for the health & wellbeing of their patients/residents.”

Back in May, he also tweeted: “People who refuse to get jabbed but whine about lockdowns really are a special breed of stupid selfish p***ks.”

Piers got his vaccine back in March
Piers got his vaccine back in March

Piers had his first vaccine back in March and shared a video of the experience on his Instagram account.

He had the the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and said the experience was over in less than ten minutes.

The TV presenter told his 1.7 million followers : “JABBED!

“Thanks to everyone at the Violet Melchett Centre in Chelsea for an incredibly quick, efficient service.

Piers has called on everyone to get the vaccine
Piers has called on everyone to get the vaccine

“In and out in 9 minutes! Had the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.”

Piers’ rant comes after Boris Johnson refused to rule out a system of vaccine passports for pubs in England.

From the end of September, being fully-vaccinated will be a “condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather”, Johnson declared this week.

When he was asked to guarantee this would not apply to pubs, he refused to, instead saying he didn’t “want” that to happen.


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