Piers Morgan accused of mocking Chinese language by Good Morning Britain viewers during rant about Peter Phillips

PIERS Morgan sparked a Good Morning Britain backlash this morning after appearing to mock a Chinese accent on today’s show.

The presenter was in a full flow rant about Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips doing an advert for a Chinese dairy farm in the country when he said the name of the farm was “ching chong ching”.

 Susanna and viewers were exasperated with Piers' comments


Susanna and viewers were exasperated with Piers’ comments

He said: “I like Peter Phillips, I met him at a lunch last year, but that is not a good look for the Royals. Flogging Chinese State owned milk – it’s a state owned dairy farm.

“The big question for Meghan and Harry in their brave new world where they think it’s going to be ethical and lovely but people are going to be chucking millions at them like Peter Phillips because he’s Royal.

“He’s a nice guy, he’s not a HRH – the problem is other people. All these actors go to China to do these terrible ads thinking we’d never see them and Peter thinks the same.

“Oh Peter for God’s sake man. This is the problem – people want association with the Royals, they want to exploit them. He should be flogging milk made here.

 He was in a rant about Peter Phillips' milk advert


He was in a rant about Peter Phillips’ milk advert
 Princess Anne's son has done an advert for a Chinese state dairy farm's milk


Princess Anne’s son has done an advert for a Chinese state dairy farm’s milk

“What’s the name of it? Ching chong ching?”

An exasperated Susanna Reid told him: “Taking the Mickey out of foreign languages is rather 1970s.”

It sparked a rapid viewer backlash with viewers taking to Twitter to hit out at what they called Piers’ “mocking” of the language.

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One wrote: “Good lord! Piers is drop the asian stereotype, pretending to do a Chinese translation with, sorry but: Ching Chong ching… is my dude for real?!?!?”

A second said: “@GMB Really, you think it is ok for Piers to mimic the Chinese language? That is as bad as Jade Goody and the poppadom incident. He really needs to shut up.”

Peter Phillips, first cousin to Prince Harry, has appeared in a milk advert amid rows over royals using status to make money

Another said: “Did Piers Morgan seriously just mock Chinese people? #GMB”

A fourth tweeted: “Piers Morgan mocking Chinese on the tv is a baaaad take.”


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