PICS | Mitchells Plain family rejoices as 'fussy' Fuzzy returns home within a whisker of his 30th birthday

The Cay family threw their cat a lavish birthday party for his 30th.

The Cay family threw their cat a lavish birthday party for his 30th.

  • A Mitchells Plain family has thrown a 30th birthday for their cat following its return home a month after it went missing.
  • The Cay family threw their “baby” a lavish cat party at their Eastridge home.
  • Due to Covid-19, there was no other cats allowed at this year’s birthday extravaganza.

A Mitchells Plain family has thrown their “fussy” black and white cat a 30th birthday party after he had returned home days before his birthday.

Warda Cay, 37, told News24 that Fuzzy went missing for some time and they had feared the worst when searches for him proved unsuccessful.

“I had contacted SAPS, the fire station, neighbours, friends and family to come help look for him because I was beside myself. I had been following the deadly Manenberg cat serial killer stories in the news and that just sent my anxiety to a whole other level,” she said.


Fuzzy recently turned 30


Fuzzy the cat from Eastridge, Mitchells Plain turned 30 recently.

After a dreadful month of searching for him, the errant feline casually came waltzing back home as if nothing was wrong.

“We’ve been told that male cats usually go wandering off when they are looking to mate. I suspect Fuzzy was out looking for a girlfriend and forgot to let us know,” Cay said with a giggle.

The family said when he returned, it was as if a long-lost child had finally returned to his rightful place at their Eastridge home.

According to Cay, one year in human years was equivalent to 15 years in cat years which was why they decided to celebrate his thirtieth with a lavish do.


The cake Fuzzy had at his lavish 30th.


The birthday cat had treats at his display.

The mom of two said she first met Fuzzy two years ago at her sister’s home in Goodwood when he was just a few weeks old.

“I had no intentions of getting a cat, but I was visiting my sister and her cat had just given birth. Out of all the little kittens in the house, Fuzzy was the one that caught my attention immediately. I said to my sister there is no way I’m leaving her place without the cat,” she said.

Fuzzy’s lavish birthday was celebrated with cake and decorations.

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The birthday cat donned a handmade bowtie just for the occasion. He was also treated to his favourite snacks.

“He loves polony. He eats his usual cat food every day, but when we do treat him it’s always with polony. He loves that,” she said.

The family added that they celebrated Fuzzy’s birthday as he was part of the family, but due to the pandemic, no other cats were allowed at this year’s bash.


Fuzzy the cat enjoying his birthday treats.


Due to Covid-19, no other cats were invited to Fuzzy’s 30th birthday party this year.

“He’s a very special cat; he is like my baby. He goes for walks, drives in the car, and goes wherever we go. He’s very well mannered, I’d like to think we trained him,” she said.

Cay added that when it’s supper time and prayer time, Fuzzy accompanied them to their respective locations and join in.

“He’s at the point now where he greets (meows) back when we say salaam (hello and goodbye) and will lay and get up when we do our daily prayers,” she said.  

“He sleeps in my bed. We get up at the same time and if I oversleep, he wakes me up with his paws,” she said.

The family said Fuzzy got along well with their Labrador Cuddles and that they had become best friends.  


Fuzzy the cat gets along very well with the family dog.

Cay who is involved in community work in the Cape Flats, said that on days when she was expected to be in the community, she would make sure that Fuzzy had a nanny.

Dubbed the Mitchells Plain “cat star” the family said no plans were made without their “fussy Fuzzy”.

“He’s part of the family, and we will continue to treat him as such. We adore Fuzzy to bits and he’s smitten with us,” said Cay.

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