Photographer’s beautiful images show how penguins survive the relentless Antarctic climate

Photographer Stefan Christmann has a upcoming book that’s been eight years in the making (Picture: 2020 Stefan Christmann/

These beautiful photographs show how penguins survive the relentless Antarctic climate.

In a new book, nature photographer and filmmaker Stefan Christmann tells stories of the everyday life of the animals. 

Penguin (A Story of Survival) – a book that’s been eight years in the making – shows how Antarctica’s most iconic bird manages to create a home in one of the most hostile habitats on Earth – which can reach temperatures of -49C.

For the book, Stefan followed a penguin colony in Antarctica for 23 months, capturing different stages of their lives.

His photos document penguin behaviour alongside the hostile ice landscapes.

Two emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) chicks aged six to eight weeks brooding on parents’ feet, one vocalising. Atka Bay, Antarctica. September. (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguin standing in front of huddling breeding colony. Atka Bay, Antarctica. August 2017. (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguin with recently laid egg incubating on feet. Atka Bay, Antarctica. June. (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguin adults and fledglings aged 20-24 weeks diving into sea. Atka Bay, Antarctica. January 2017 (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguin pair mating on sea ice. Atka Bay, Antarctica. May (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguins chicks huddling, Antarctica (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguin standing on ice, its breath condensing in the cold air Atka Bay, Antarctica. August (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguin female walking away from the colony towards the sea, Atka Bay, Antarctica. August. (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
Emperor penguin group returning across sea ice to form breeding colony. Atka Bay, Antarctica. April 2017. (Picture: Stefan Christmann/
A Story of Survival by Stefan Christmann (Picture: Stefan Christmann/

Stefan’s incredible images of Antarctica and of the emperor penguin colony of Atka Bay have been published in National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine, as well as in many other publications worldwide.

They also won the NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio Award in 2019.

Through his book, Stefan is also keen to highlight the need for their protection. 

PENGUIN – A Story of Survival by Stefan Christmann, is published by teNeues.

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