Photo History: How Edward Weston Processed His Photos

Legendary photographer Edward Weston was one of the most influential photographers in American history, and in this short video, we get to go back in time, visit his home, and watch him process one of his negatives from start to finish.

The video–which is mostly footage from a 1948 documentary about Edward Weston—was just release by Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography. It’s part of a broader series on Weston, which included a modern-day tour of his darkroom with Weston’s grandson, and a video the revealed some of the “secrets” behind Weston’s photos, like the fact that his famous photograph Pepper No. 30 was an 4+ hour exposure at an aperture of about f/240.

Check out the video above to watch Weston at work and learn about his process, as well as some of the photographers who inspired him. And if you like this, head over to the Advancing Your Photography YouTube channel where you’ll find many more videos featuring iconic photographers like Ansel Adams, as well as modern-day masters like Joe McNally.


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