'Phoenix Nights' is set to return with original cast, according to Paddy McGuinness

The show ended 17 years ago, but is finally set for a comeback

Peter Kay is planning a new series of Phoenix Nights with the original cast, according to comments from Paddy McGuinness in a new interview.

McGuinness, who has recently been the host of Top Gear and Take Me Out, revealed the entire cast have agreed to the reboot, including Kay. “It was great. There’s always talk about doing another one,” he told the interviewer.

“It’s just time, it’s just getting everyone together. But everyone is up for it.”

Peter Kay as 'Phoenix Nights'' Brian Potter

Peter Kay as ‘Phoenix Nights” Brian Potter

Phoenix Nights ended after two series in 2002. Soon after its finale, Kay revealed a third series had already been written, but co-creator Dave Spike initially downplayed any suggestions of a return.

In 2017, Kay claimed that a third season of the popular show has been written – but that “things [had] got in the way” of actually filming it.

“I love Phoenix Nights and I would love to go back. I’ve got a lot of ideas about Phoenix Nights,” he said. “In fact, there’s a whole series three been written for about 15 years but so many things get in the way in life like touring and being a father. Real life continues and [his latest series] Car Share takes about a year to make and edit.”

In mentioning Car Share, Kay also confirmed that a third season of the Sian Gibson-starring comedy wouldn’t be happening.

“There’s not going to be a series three of Car Share so it won’t ever happen,” he declared. “You’ve got to get out while the going’s good. No Christmas special, no.”

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