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Phoebe Dynevor: Bridgerton star 'had a full-blown panic attack' behind-the-scenes of show

Phoebe Dynevor, 25, rose to fame in teen TV show Waterloo Road and has since made appearances in multiple series, most recently starring as Daphne Bridgerton in Netflix‘s latest period drama, Bridgerton. The actress, who is the daughter of Coronation Street icon Sally Dynevor who plays Sally Metcalfe, revealed the pressure once got so overwhelming that she suffered what she described as a “full blown panic-attack” while filming one scene on a day she wasn’t feeling her best.

In a recent interview, the 25-year-old looked back on the seven-month long filming saga where she credited her make-up artist and the set’s good lighting that got her through six-day weeks and night shoots.

But there were times when even the best of the best couldn’t change how she felt and the pressure become too much.

“There is a scene in one episode where Daphne walks down the stairs and everyone is staring at her,” Phoebe recalls.

“That was one of the hardest scenes to shoot. Everyone has days where they wake up and feel like poo and don’t want to see people, let alone be on camera.

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“And it was so great, because it felt safe and fun: you choreograph it like a stunt, or a dance. It’s crazy to me that that hasn’t been there in the past.

“I’ve done sex scenes before that I can’t believe I did. It was only five or six years ago, but it would not be allowed now.”

One particular scene left viewers wide-eyed after they watched Simon explain the art of masturbation to a stunned Daphne.

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In 1813, women weren’t encouraged to explore their own bodies for pleasure and viewers were left surprised it was included in the show.

Taking to Twitter, fans immediately shared their thoughts, with one writing: “Is there anything more awkward and taboo than a God-like suitor explaining masturbation to a young naive debutante? Wow. Impactful, uncomfortable, unique scene.”

Another added: “Gotta admit I didn’t expect the masturbation chat in #bridgerton.”

A third tweeted: “sitting here watching #Bridgerton with my parents as the duke tells daphne all about masturbation so fun & familial!!!”

Bridgerton is available on Netflix now.


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