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Peter Kay’s Car Share: Devastating reason why Sian Gibson quit acting

Sian Gibson recalled the “final audition” of her acting career and the shocking moment that made her decide to leave the industry.

She said: “It was a part in Emmerdale – all I had to say was, ‘You all right?’ 

“I sat in the waiting room getting nervous and I was that desperate for the job [that] I couldn’t even deliver the line.

“I was too hyper because I wanted it so much. That’s when I realised it was over.” 

Soon after the future star started work at a call centre in Chester and buried her dreams of being on TV, a 2017 Radio Times article reported.

Years later, luck struck when when Peter – her friend from University of Salford – sent her a script to see what she “thought of it”.

“He’d edit all of his meticulously while most people just banged it together.”

Long before ‘Car Share’, Sian had starred as an extra in a number of shows before her stint as an actress came to an end. 

She recalled: “Things were great at the beginning of my career. Because I’m short, I always played younger parts. 

“I was in my 20s and always played teenagers. Then I hit 30 and that doesn’t work anymore. It all just dried up.”

The actress regularly maintains that both she and Peter “were surprised” by how successful their show became. 

Sian added: “I was back working part-time – then it came out and straight away I got an agent and it’s like I’ve got two different lives.”


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