PES 2020: We listened to fans and tried to change as much as possible, says Konami

PES 2018 is regarded by many Pro Evo fans as Konami’s best football game in recent years – so when PES 2019 was announced, gamers expected something special.

Sadly, it didn’t deliver. Server issues, buggy gameplay and woeful goalkeepers were just some of the issues regularly cited by the community.

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PES 2020, then, has its work cut out – but according to European PES brand manager, Lennart Bonzein, they’ve taken on as much feedback as possible to create the game Pro Evo fans deserve.

“Obviously we’ve noticed feedback from our fans over the past year,” he said. “We’ve noticed it, we’ve passed it on to our development team and they looked into it and tried and change as much as possible.

“This year we’ve added so much into the game. We’ve added a huge amount of new licences , Master League is now in Year 2 and has loads of cool and nice additions, we added MatchDay which is a complete new mode.

“I can’t talk about esports right now but we’ll be announcing our plans soon and this will be super interesting .

“The gameplay itself, you feel a difference. Not only because of the camera angle but the action on the pitch feels different to 2019, that just as an overall package I would say PES 2020 has made a massive jump forward.

Pro Evo kicked things off this year by attaining the exclusivity rights for Juventus

The war between FIFA 20 and PES 2020 is now hotting up, with both games releasing in a matter of weeks.

The last few months have seen both EA Sports and the Japanese publisher make a series of high profile announcements – and it’s the latter that has arguably come out strongest.

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The Allianz Arena will only be available in PES 2020 this year

“Obviously they have so new modes but I am following them and watching them and I would say this year, in terms of announcements and stuff, we are ahead. I’m not saying that because I am biased, it’s just a fact.”

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