People hate me because I let my toddler daughter swear & won’t teach her abstinence, it works for us so I don’t care

A MUM has revealed how she makes people on social media mad by sharing her parenting methods.

The mum-of-one, Michelle Flomin, shared on her TikTok account, bitchinmom, that people always get mad at her for sharing her parenting techniques.

Michelle said the last time she posted about her parenting methods online she received hate


Michelle said the last time she posted about her parenting methods online she received hateCredit: TikTok/@bitchinmom
Michelle explained in-depth why she won't teach her daughter abstinence


Michelle explained in-depth why she won’t teach her daughter abstinenceCredit: TikTok/@bitchinmom

Michelle has a one-year-old daughter with her husband Ely, and are believed to live in the US.

The video has been viewed over two million times and has garnered over 2000 comments.

In the video Michelle writes: “Things I do as a mum that make TikTok mad.

“I let my daughter curse.

“I won’t teach her abstinence.

“I don’t use ‘pet names’ for body parts.”

Whilst many in the comments were supportive of the mum, there were also a few people questioning her parenting methods.

One user asked: “I have a legit question, can you explain why you won’t teach abstinence? No judgement!”

Michelle explained: “I don’t think abstinence is a particularly healthy thing and it’s definitely unrealistic.

“I feel like telling your kids to wait until marriage just makes them feel ashamed and guilty of their sexual desires.

“Those things are normal.

“I don’t give a s**t if my kid waits until her husband or her wife.

“The only thing I care about is that she feels safe and ready.

“(And) that I’ve educated her properly, she knows how to use birth control, she knows about STD’s she knows to be careful.

“If she feels happy with her decision and she does it in a safe way then it doesn’t matter to me.

“I want her to a health relationship with sex and I want her to be safe.”

In a comment under the video, Michelle explained that the last time she opened up about her parenting methods, she received a lot of hate from trolls.

Some users still didn’t agree with her methods, one wrote: “The cursing is ehh but I agree with the other two.”

Another user responded: “I feel for the baby, too much freedom is just the easy excuse for not doing your job as a parent.”

Many users were supportive of the mum in the comment section of the video, one wrote: “I like your parenting style! When we have kids we decided to do these things too!”

Another user commented: “This makes me happy. People who get mad are the ones in the wrong.”

Users had mixed feelings about Michelle letting her one-year-old swear


Users had mixed feelings about Michelle letting her one-year-old swearCredit: TikTok/@bitchinmom

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