People can’t believe the size of my baby – they say he looks like a grown man & that I ‘squeeze him’ to get TikTok likes

WHEN Nabille McHugh became pregnant, she couldn’t have imagined the family’s new-born would take over social media.

Although both parents and their daughter are slim, the newest addition – baby boy Atlas – is almost the size of his mum’s upper body already, and he’s only just a few weeks shy of turning one.

To those concerned - baby Atlas sits comfortably on his mum's hip


To those concerned – baby Atlas sits comfortably on his mum’s hipCredit: tiktok @themchugh_family

Despite Atlas’ cute chubby cheeks – which are impossible to resist and will make anyone go ”Aww!” – many insist he’s too enormous and looks uncomfortable.

At almost 2,01 stone, Nabille insists that big and chunky babies aren’t automatically unhealthy – it’s just their built.

And baby Atlas couldn’t look any happier!


His slightly larger measurements have also left people wondering how his mum, a relatively petite woman, is able to carry him.

”Poor baby!

”You squeezing the air out of him!” wrote one viewer.

For those concerned, Nabille posted a video demonstration of how she holds her child in a way that’s comfortable for both her and Atlas.

”When I’m holding him sideways,” she said, ”It’s because I’m popping the hip!

”I’m not squeezing him!

”It’s just the rolls squeezing out!” she explained.

”The man can stand on his own thank you very much!” a TikToker commented, whilst another one demanded: ”Put that man down!”

”Ma’am,” someone said, ”He is 30 days from being an adult.”

There were also plenty of those who insisted Atlas started paying rent.

”Dude is gonna be 20ft tall and 900lbs by the time he is 10,” a viewer thought.

”That’s pretty accurate measurements right there,” replied Nabille.

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We can't resist him - can you?


We can’t resist him – can you?Credit: tiktok @themchugh_family
That's Nabille's arm workout sorted!


That’s Nabille’s arm workout sorted!Credit: tiktok @themchugh_family
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