People are horrified by this deep fried BBQ chicken layered taco with a pizza on top

It’s quite a process (Picture: Twisted Food)

We’ve seen some interesting food mix ups in our time but this one is up there with the most elaborate.

The deep fried BBQ chicken stuffed pizzadilla from has got people talking.

Yes, it’s bbq pulled chicken, encased in cheese and tortillas to make a quesadilla (so far, so delicious).

But when you think the video is coming to an end, it continues.

The recipe then recommends slicing the quesadilla, dipping it in egg and breadcrumbs and deep frying each slice.

It sounds heavy, right?

But wait. There’s more. Once all six deep fried slices are completed, the video recommends placing them back on the plate and adding pizza toppings to the whole thing.

Oh and it comes with a dip too.

The whole video lasts three minutes and 10 seconds and honesty, we’re exhausted just watching that, never mind attempting to make this concoction.

The whole thing involves 33 different ingredients but apparently only takes 45 minutes.

This hefty meal serves six people and it’s probably a good idea to share because we’ve no idea about the nutritional content of each slice.

The video of the meal was posted on Twitter by Yashar, who said: ‘I’m calling the FBI.’

The tweet has gone viral with over 80,000 likes and 16,800 retweets.

One person pointed out the shear quantity of washing up you would face afterwards.

Jason said: ‘Chicken spice: 8 bowls, spatula, tongs

‘Baking sheet, 2 forks

‘Baked chicken mix: 5 bowls, spatula, tongs

‘Cake pan, dutch oven

‘Dressing: 8 bowls, spatula Cutting board, knife

‘Breading setup, 3 dishes, pan, spoon Pizza pan, spoon

‘Serving platter

‘Minimum 2 dishwasher loads.’

The whole thing didn’t go down with with most people.

One joked: ‘This would actually help you lose weight, as your burn a lot of calories over the 12 hours it takes to prepare.’

Carol B added: ‘Trying to kill a loved one? Here’s a simple 500 step 5 million calorie tortilla pizza that will send them straight to the other side.’

Another added: ‘There’s a difference between experimenting and Frankensteining.’

Yeh, this is absolutely the Frankenstein’s monster of food stuffs and we’re a little terrified.

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