Passengers watch on as man with ‘flu-like’ symptoms removed from flight

According to officials, the passenger was showing flu-like symptoms while on the flight from Las Vegas to Baltimore.

The plane landed at Baltimore-Washington International Airport at around 2pm and the passenger was seen by a local medical personnel called by SouthWest Airlines.

In the video, a member of the crew says: “We have someone who is sick on the aircraft.

“Because of the heightened times, we’re just using an abundance of caution.”

The passenger in question was later cleared by the Maryland Health Department, as he did not meet the criteria for coronavirus testing.

The statement read: “The person did not meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for 2019 novel coronavirus testing but was referred to a medical facility for evaluation to determine whether additional follow-up was necessary.

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The virus has spread throughout Asia, with coronavirus cases also popping up in Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong and the US.

This is all taking place amid the Chinese Lunar New Year, and some experts fear it will be impossible to contain the coronavirus.

Dr Joanna Wardęga from the Jagiellonian University in Poland told more than one billion people could travel across China around the time of the new year, rendering screening efforts ineffective.

He said under Chinese law on infectious diseases, the local government first needs to report the outbreak to the national health department, and then get approval from the State Council before they can make an announcement.

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The mayor said: ”I hope everyone can understand that this is an infectious disease which has special channels to be disclosed in accordance with law.”

He said he took full responsibility for the “unprecedented” decision to lock down the city.


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