Passenger divides opinion after slamming woman for wearing perfume during flight

A PASSENGER has divided opinion after he told a woman off for wearing too much perfume during a flight.

The passenger said they had been travelling for 20 hours after his flights were delayed.

A man slammed a female passenger for wearing too much perfume - but he's divided opinion


A man slammed a female passenger for wearing too much perfume – but he’s divided opinionCredit: Getty – Contributor

After boarding their final flight, a woman sat next to him who he said “reeked of perfume” only to then use “heavily odourific hand sanitiser” which made him feel sick.

As he was sitting in the window seat, she asked him to open the blinds which was when he told her her fragrance was “very strong” to which she apologised.

He continued on Reddit: “I pull down my sleep mask to match my COVID mask and bear my stomach sickness in exhausted silence for the rest of the flight.

“When we land, she turns to me and claims she has no sense of smell, that I made her flight very uncomfortable, and I should be more sensitive to what other people are going through.

“I keep my cool, but tell her she should not use fragrances next time she flies. Honestly, the moment I left the plane, I felt a lot better.”

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He asked if he was in the wrong, and if he should have said something or asked her to move seats.

People were conflicted about who was in the right, with some feeling sorry for the woman.

One person said : “I don’t have a sense of smell. I use to wear more perfume and spray more scents around my room/apartment because I was always worried that I smelled bad and didn’t notice.”

Someone else agreed: “She may have been concerned about her body odour during traveling and have been trying to be considerate with the tools she had available.”

Some even said the way he handled it was wrong: “It feels like you took out that frustration on your seat mate and purposely embarrassed her when she didn’t have any bad intentions.”

However, others sympathised with the man, saying they would have felt the same: “Some people use WAY too much fragrance which makes being around them very uncomfortable. 

A second wrote: “If she has no sense of smell, she shouldn’t be applying perfume herself and needs to be told that it’s too much.”

Passengers have even been kicked off flights after other travellers complained they smelled too bad.

In 2010 a passenger was reportedly kicked off an Air Canada Jazz flight after travellers complained about an odour.

And in 2019, an entire family were removed from an American Airlines flight after other passengers claimed they smelled.

A flight attendant has revealed how they try to handle passengers who smell rather awful during a flight.

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And another flight attendant has revealed something else to leave at home as it makes the cabin smell.

Lisa Kulpa, who works for a major airline, explained that bringing nail polish and nail polish remover onto planes can really affect other travellers, mainly due to the smell of the items as the odours from them that can quickly circulate around the aircraft.

Some said he was in the wrong while others agreed they would have felt sick too


Some said he was in the wrong while others agreed they would have felt sick tooCredit: Getty


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