Parents slam Percy Pig Christmas advent calendar that contains chocolate and not sweets

M&S shoppers received a shock this week when they opened the doors of their Percy Pig advent calendars to find a chocolate treat instead of a fruit sweet – and they’re not happy about it.

The posh retailer brought back its Percy Pig advent calendar, which costs £5, this year after a hiatus since 2013.

 It does say on the Percy Pig advent calendars that they're filled with milk chocolate but shoppers haven't realised


It does say on the Percy Pig advent calendars that they’re filled with milk chocolate but shoppers haven’t realised

Last time round, the calendar included 24 white chocolate and raspberry shapes while this time it’s stuffed with 24 milk chocolates and a bag of Percy Pig sweets for Christmas Day.

But while it does say this, albeit in rather small font on the front of the calendar, shoppers say they spotted the Percy Pig branding and assumed it would be full of sweets.

One shopper tweeted: “Dear @marksandspencer – the reason we bought a Percy Pig advent calendar was for Percy Pigs, not tiny rubbish chocolate”.

Another said: “When I ask for a Percy Pig advent calendar and the first 24 doors have chocolate behind them not Percys #dissappointing @marksandspencer”



 Percy Pig fans aren't happy about M&S' advent calendar this year


Percy Pig fans aren’t happy about M&S’ advent calendar this year

Someone else added: “FURIOUS!! I bought this Percy Pig advent calendar for a dear friend who doesn’t like chocolate!! DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE!

“Why would you put chocolate in a Percy Pig product! She’s very embarrassed by not eating it and I’m furious @marksandspencer”.

Another unhappy customer wrote: “Actual fuming that my Percy Pig advent calendar is just sh***ty advent calendar chocolate and not Percy Pigs every day! @marksandspencer What’s that all about??”

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Someone else said: “Opened up the first window of our Percy Pig advent calendar to discover A CHOCOLATE PERCY?! Are you mad?!

“Upon closer inspection it does say ‘chocolate’ on the front but I didn’t think to check, I just assumed it would be the Percy Pig we all know and love! #percypig”

And other shoppers have told M&S to sort itself out for next year, writing: “@marksandspencer why do your #percypig advent calendars not have a Percy Pig sweet every day?!

“That would make it waaaaay cooler. Please sort this for next year. Thank you.”

Another said: “@marksandspencer Disappointed with #percypig advent calendar. It’s not a Percy Pig every day but chocolate (not even in pig shape).

“Next year y’all need to switch it up and have Percy’s and friends behind all doors!”

An M&S spokesperson said: “This year’s Percy Pig advent calendar combines our customers’ love of milk chocolate, with their favourite Percy sweet.

“The contents are clearly labelled on the box, and behind each daily window is a milk chocolate, with a full bag of original Percy Pig sweets to open on Christmas Day.

“This way fans get the best of both worlds!”

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But M&S isn’t the only manufacturer to come under fire for its advent calendar this year.

Cadbury fans have been left disappointed after finding no chocolate in their calendars, while those who have had treats complain there’s been too many Fudges and Chomps.

And Celebrations fans have criticised Mars for putting Bounty as the first two chocolates in their calendars.

If you still haven’t got an advent calendar, Tesco has slashed the price of chocolate calendars from £8 to £1.50 in some cases.

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