Parents share the destruction their children have caused while in lockdown

Evelyn, one, made sure to give the floor a helping of cereal

Ignore the perfect parenting pics and dreamy homeschool setups you’re seeing on Instagram – the reality of raising kids during the coronavirus pandemic is far messier.

Mums from across the UK have shared photos of how their children have wreaked havoc during the lockdown, from drawing on the carpet with felt-tip pens to smearing nappy cream all over the furniture and chucking precious flour on the floor.

The photos all got sent into a competition by ScS, who wanted to find the messiest incident of all.

They crowned Emilia Herbert, from West Sussex, the winner for ruining her mum’s sofa with a load of nappy cream. Thankfully the prize for her big win was a new sofa to replace the one Emilia wrecked.

Emilia Herbert was crowned the winner for rubbing Sudocrem all over herself and her parents’ sofa

Emilia’s mum Lois said: ‘We can laugh about the incident now but at the time I wasn’t too pleased. I was upstairs bathing her baby sister at the time.’

In second place was another nappy cream disaster, this time from a little boy who had been quiet for a while when his mum discovered cream covering every bit of a room.

Other lockdown mishaps include the smearing of paint all over a glass door by Jack, five, a floor covered in flour thanks to two-year-old Millie, and a three-year-old sticking panty liners to the walls while singing Row Your Boat. Lovely.

What a wonderful painting, Jack!
Millie stuck pantyliners to the wall while singing Row Your Boat

One-year-old Evelyn from Liverpool was feeling a bit peckish, so helped herself to cereal. She was extra careful in making sure she distributed the cereal all over the floor.

When four-year-old Esha told her parents about their plans for an afternoon of drawing, they hadn’t realised it meant on the window.

Another adorable terror found his mum’s makeup and ended up crawling it all around the house. The foundation bottle lid came off and the contents coated the bathroom.

It seems three-year-old Jacob thought using his whole body was a much better idea than a paintbrush. The cheeky toddler stripped off and thought it was a great idea to wriggle around in the paint.

Another dastardly nappy cream incident

Parenting blogger and author Lucy Rycroft encouraged time away from the screen to keep little ones occupied during the coronavirus lockdown.

She said: ‘Use screen time wisely and create a schedule to divide the day into short blocks. Fully invest in your kids for some of these blocks, especially early on in the day, as then they are more likely to self-direct once they have had some attention.

‘If you are working, have designated times in the day when you are going to work and stick to them. Make sure your kids and your colleagues know when this is happening and if possible this should be at the same times each day.

‘Schedule what you need to do in each work slot to maximise productivity and review each evening for the next day.’

A very creative effort
Another messy eater
Yep, sure, just pull the sofa apart. No worries
Just tip the rice all over the floor. There you go.
We’d be tired after creating all that mess, too
Can’t wait to clear this up
Taking artistic licence a bit far
Yes, that’s foundation all over the floor
That’s just flour. Precious, precious flour
Beautiful work, thank you

Has your child wreaked far worse havoc than these lot? Get in touch to share the damage by emailing

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