Parents are making edible sand by blending Cheerios

Making edible sand from Cheerios (Picture: @Elleannachristine)

Kids love playing in sand but inevitably, end up getting it everywhere, including their mouths.

So if you’re not a fan of shouting ‘don’t put that in your mouth’ every five seconds, try making edible sand.

A mum on TikTok has shared the quick hack to make a tray of the stop for just a few quid, by blending Cheerios into line crumbs.

It makes a sand like consistency that kids can eat as much as they like.

Mum Elle, who posts under the username @Elleannachristine, showed how she puts a handful of Cheerios in her Nutribullet blender.

She then whizzes the cereal to make it fine and puts it in a plastic tray with some toys for her baby to enjoy sensory play.

She showed her baby grabbing handfuls of the stuff and putting toys covered in it in her mouth.

The post has had over 2.6 million views and other parents love the idea.

One said: ‘I just did this!! He absolutely loved it. He wanted to go to the beach for his birthday but it’s pouring rain so we brought the “beach” to him.’

Another added: ‘Wow thank you so much, what a genius idea! Doing this tomorrow and probably every day after lol.’

Others pointed out that it might just teach her to eat sand at the beach because she thinks all sand is ok.

But commenters pointed out that right now, she’s a baby who doesn’t understand instructions and her mum isn’t encouraging her to eat the sand, she’s just making it safe if she does.

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