Parents are loving this £22 reflective coat from Next that helps kids stay safe in the dark

Parents are loving this reflective coat (Picture: Next)

You’ve probably noticed this, but it’s pretty dark in the evening these days.

Kids doing the walk to school will likely leave and return home to a dark sky.

There are risks greater than feeling a bit glum and wintery. When it’s dark out, it can be tricky for motorists to spot children crossing the road, leading to accidents.

That’s why parents are singing the praises of a £22-£28 coat from Next.

As well as being super cosy thanks to a fleece lining and padded fabric, the coat is reflective, making the wearer more visible to those in cars.

One woman shared photos of her 12-year-old grandson wearing the coat in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, writing: ‘Got to share this… This is a pic my 12 year old Grandson in his new coat from next. I think it’s great for kids on these dark nights would be good for cyclists too.’

One grandmother shared a photo of what the coat looks like when light is shined on it in the dark (Picture: Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK)

That post has received more than 1,000 comments from other parents just as enthused about the coat, writing that it’s the perfect option for children whose schools ask that they wear black coats along with their uniforms.

Parents have also commented to mention that Asda and Primark sell similar styles – so if you’re not keen on the coat from Next, you have other options.

One mum wrote in the comments: ‘Such a simple idea, why aren’t all kids jackets made like this for the winter, it would save so many lives!’

Some people have suggested the reflective coats make kids look a tad ghostly, but we reckon that’s no bad thing.

If you were driving and thought you spotted a ghost, you’d probably slow down to take a better look, right?

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