Parent shares unusual way to potty train his child but trolls point out major flaws to his ‘genius idea’ 

A DAD who believes he’s found the best DIY method to potty train his child has been met with backlash. 

Jordan Flom often uses his social media to share insights into his life as a father and husband.

A dad has shared his potty training solution


A dad has shared his potty training solutionCredit: You Tube/@Flomfamily
He transformed a normal toilet for his child


He transformed a normal toilet for his childCredit: You Tube/@Flomfamily
His daughter appeared to love it


His daughter appeared to love itCredit: You Tube/@Flomfamily

And in one video, he revealed how he created a DIY potty training seat for his daughter by duct taping the toilet seat. 

Taping line after line onto the seat, he then lifted it up and turned all the corners down. 

Once done, he duct taped the bottom side of the toilet seat, making sure it’s as sturdy as possible. 

“And we are done,” he said as he fastened the final piece of tape.

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He then took a blue pool noodle and cut half of it off before bending it into a ring shape and taping both ends together.

Placing this on top of the toilet seat, he used a black pen to draw a circle on the inside and then used a knife to cut it open. 

He then cut two more pool noodles into rings and attached these together before securing it onto the bottom. 

“Last thing you have to do…” he went on before picking up his shoe and taking the lace off. 

He fastened this to the flush before tying a piece of candy onto the end. 

Jordan then put his daughter onto his creation and declared: “And now we can potty train Emerson!”

His daughter was then seen placing some toilet paper into the bowl before flushing. 

“Good job Emerson! And now you can take your Twizzlers,” her dad said as the video came to an end.

In the caption, he added: “My Secret for all Parents!” 

While he may have thought it was a “genius” idea, others weren’t as sure and took to the comments to point out the flaws in his design. 

“That baby looks well safe balancing 6 feet in the air on a wobbly af seat,” one person said with a thumbs up emoji.

Another shared: “I believe this took more time and money than a training seat”. 

A third posted: “Duct tape solves everything…but this was…unique.  best I can possibly say about this.  Food in the bathroom was the worst part for me.”

A fourth argued: “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it”. 

And a fifth pointed out: “Potty training chair is safer in case she falls off and breaks her arm/leg on the one you invented”. 

Do not try this at home.

Trolls were not so sure about the method


Trolls were not so sure about the methodCredit: You Tube/@Flomfamily


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