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PA law would tax violent video games – WFMJ


A Pennsylvania lawmaker is proposing a ten percent tax on violent video games to help fund safety measures at public schools.

The Pennsylvania House Finance Committee is considering a bill from Representative Christopher Quinn to provide additional funding for schools to implement safety measures to protect students and teachers.

Rep. Quinn believes that a contributing factor to the rise in shootings and other violent acts in American schools is material that children see in video games.

Citing a National Center for Health Research article linking violent video games to aggressive thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, Quinn said revenue from a 10% sales tax on violent video games would be placed into a fund used solely to pay for school safety enhancements.

Games taxed under the law would include those with an “Adults Only” and “Mature” ratings given due to prolonged scenes of intense, prolonged violence, blood and gore, and sexual content.

The bill is being co-sponsored by two other legislators.


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