Ozark season 4: Charlotte Byrde kidnapped by Navarro as fans tip Jonah saviour twist

Omar, Wendy and Marty have all been at loggerheads before, whether it be Marty spying on his wife’s interactions with the drug lord or the money laundering mastermind being kept hostage and tortured by his boss.

Add to the mix the fact Wendy had her own brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey) killed for the safety of the cartel and thus herself, and it’s hard to imagine season four will see their relationship run without a hitch.

How exactly the Navarro and Byrde feud will unfold remains a mystery but a new theory sweeping the fandom suggests it could be to do with the Byrde children.

The last fans saw of Jonah he was filled with rage after learning the truth about his uncle’s demise while Charlotte had begun to grow tired of being left out in the dark and ordered around by her parents.


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