Optical illusion is spot on at showing if you are lucky in love or have commitment issues

A strange optical illusion has amazed viewers as it appears to be able to tell if you are waiting for love or would rather stay single.

Mia Yilin, a brainteaser enthusiast, recently shared this picture online and stated that whichever you see first show how you view relationships and if you have commitment issues.

She said: “Let’s do a fun personality test! What’s the first thing you see in the following picture?”

All you have to do is stare at the image above for at least five seconds, and it should show you an image of a white fish deep underwater or a smoke-like cloud overlooking a forest.

In Mia’s comment section, people were shocked by their results, as one user wrote: “Wow it’s all true!” while someone else wrote: “I can’t believe how spot on this was.”

Optical illusion test results 



Those who first saw the cloud are very goal-oriented and do not wish to be in a relationship at the moment.

You are a kind-hearted person but you tend to keep people at a distance and it can take you a while until you trust someone completely, but once someone is your friend you are an extremely loyal person.

Mia said: “You hate the idea of settling for someone or something and have very high standards and goals.”

“Your personality is so attractive and charismatic that people cannot help but be drawn to you. While you’re normally kind and friendly, you can be quite threatening in times of competition.”

However, despite your competitive nature, you are quite a sensitive person who is easily affected by the words and actions of others.

You are not against finding love but wish to spend more time working on yourself and what you want out of life rather than looking for the right person at the moment.


If you first saw the fish, you are currently looking for a relationship and cannot wait to get married someday.

Mia said: “You have this mentality that since life is short it should be lived to the fullest. Your time is the most valuable thing to you so you hate wasting it on people and things that do not deserve it.

“You are very hard on yourself and give 100 percent to whatever you do. That said, you’re also a major worrier and spend a lot of your time stressing about the unknown.”

You are someone who gets on with everyone around you and can be the life of the party, but you prefer to spend time alone and you often think too much about what other people think.

However, if you spend less time stressing about small things and spend more time with people yourself and going out then you will likely be successful in finding the perfect person.


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