Only those with razor sharp vision can find the rogue Brussels sprout in under 9 seconds

Only those with eyes like a hawk can crack this tricky Christmas brainteaser in under nine seconds, according to experts. The festive puzzle, created by VSO, challenges you to spot a sneaky brussels sprout perched upon one of many dazzling Christmas trees.

It is a really tough challenge which will test your eyesight and pattern recognition skills. Those who can spot the sneaky sprout should be proud, although if it takes you longer than ten seconds, then you probably don’t have what it takes to live in the wild.

On average, people take about 43 seconds to identify the sprout in the picture above. You can check your answers in the picture at the bottom of this page – the naughty sprout will be exposed by a bright red circle.

If you’re struggling, a great technique to use is to split the picture into sections and look in a certain pattern for every tree – for example in an anti-clockwise motion. Experts say that brainteasers should be approached methodologically like this, rather than a quick frenzy of eye movements.

How are you doing? Have you found that measly brussels sprout yet? If not, get ready for the answer soon.

Brainteasers are great for people of all ages. For adults, it will help stimulate your cognitive ability which may have been worn down from repetitive work. It also helps you concentrate on one task at a time, which can be calming for anxiety and stress.

Well done if you found the sneaky sprout. If you can’t see it, check the middle row, towards the right.

Make sure you do at least one brainteaser a day. There are plenty on the Express website to get your teeth into.


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